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The patient care team at Diabetic Care Associates is dedicated to helping you reach your ultimate level of good health. We come from various medical backgrounds, but we have one common focus: You!

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R. A. Ramanujan, M.D.  
Dr. R. A. Ramanujan
Meet Dr. R. A. Ramanujan
“Patients and I work as a team in optimizing their treatments. I provide them with comprehensive information about their diseases and review management options. Then, together, we decide which treatment is best-suited for their condition.”
Medical School All India Institute of Medicine, New Delhi
Specialty Training University of Medicine and Dentistry, Newark, NJ; SUNY Buffalo, NY
Board Certification Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, Clinical Hypertension, Clinical Lipidology
Special Interests Diabetes, Disorders of the Thyroid, Hypertension, Lipidology, Preventive Fitness, Metabolic Diseases
Yan Liu, M.D.  
Dr. Yan Liu
“At Diabetic Care Associates I build a relationship with my patients by staying in touch with them on a regular basis. I love to see the changes in their health as they better understand their diseases and jump into action with a plan”
Medical School Sun Yat-Sen University, China
Specialty Training United Health Services, NY
Board Certification Internal Medicine
Special Interests Hypertension, Lipidology, Diabetes, Adult Medicine

Meet Dr. Yan Liu
Kathryn Scott-Hlavac,
Mrs. Scott-Hlavac
“I’m delighted to be a part of this practice… DCA has no equal, because of our personal follow ups, dietary guidance, and our in-house supervised exercise program.”

Syracuse University
Binghamton University


Family Nurse Practitioner, Certified Diabetes Educator

Special Interests

Diabetes Management, Hypertension, Insulin Pump Therapy, Women's Health

Meet Mrs. Scott-Hlavac
Nancy Evans,
Mrs. Nancy Evans
“The most important thing people should know about Diabetes… you can live to 100yrs. As long as you treat it and communicate with your providers.”
Education Binghamton University
Certifications Family Nurse Practitioner, Certified Diabetes Educator
Special Interests Disease Management, Women's Health & Wellness, Insulin Pump Therapy
Meet Mrs. Nancy Evans
Amy Burpee,
Dietitian & Exercise Physiologist
Mrs. Amy Burpee
“Whenever anyone has had success with weight loss, they food journal… it takes a long time to break lifetime habits. I follow patients pretty closely to be sure they stay on track with their diet plan.”

New York University
SUNY Buffalo

Special Interests

Dietetics, Diabetes Care, Exercise, Body Composition Analysis, Insulin Pump Training, Menu Planning

Meet Mrs. Amy Burpee
Michelle Hill,
Exercise Physiologist
Michelle Hill
“At DCA, I interview patients to tailor a diet plan specific to them and their needs, everyone has a different workout. A common mistake many people make is they don’t ever change their fitness plan, you need to stimulate your body in order for an exercise plan to be successful.”
Education Syracuse University
Special Interests Preventative Fitness, Yoga, Personal Training, Resist a Ball, Body Composition Analysis

Elizabeth  M. Rorie,
Vascular Technologist

Elizabeth Rorie
"Everything at Diabetic Care Associates is “state of the art”, I am happy to be working on our newest medical device for managing patient’s blood pressure and diabetes with Real Time Accurate Monitoring.   Please ask us about it on your next visit."
Specialties Diagnostic Ultrasound
Education Maryland Institute of Ultrasound Technology at UMBC
Special Interests Vascular Ultrasound, Thyroid Ultrasound, RAM HMMS Technology, ABI Doppler Studies


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