Today, 25.8 million Americans have diabetes and one in three American adults have hypertension, representing 77.9 million. In order for these millions of patients to manage their disease, they should take regular measurements of their vital signs (i.e. blood sugar, blood pressure, pulse readings), as recommended by their physicians.

The current methods, (usually a longitudinal paper log) for capturing vital sign measurements are cumbersome, inconvenient and don’t offer any type of direct connection between patients and physicians. In most cases the collected information doesn’t get sorted out perhaps until their next office visit which may be 3 months away, which may diminish the ability of the physician to offer timely services.

DCA’s innovative CheckMyVitals “mobile health app” replaces those paper logs and establishes a live streaming communication system directly into the physician’s office. CMV’s has been designed for use with any mobile handheld phone, tablet or PC and now provides a patient or family member, with an easy and secure way to transmit self-collected blood pressure, blood sugar, and heart rate values directly to their healthcare provider in real-time anytime from anywhere.  An additional “On line” feature is two-way direct messaging which enables patients and health providers to freely exchange meaningful information thereby accelerating the time to treatment while advancing the quality of care.

Another important value of using CheckMyVitals is that it enables patients to instantly feel empowered to manage their own disease. Patients quickly learn the cause and effect of their readings as it relates to their disease along with the value of testing accurately and often. When patients and physicians use CheckMyVitals, a two-way system of communication between the patient and provider is achieved, which fosters teamwork, quality care, informed communication, and accurate treatment for improved disease management between the patient and physician.

How to use CheckMyVitals for Entering Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar


Tim W.: I-phone app has been a real eye-opener to me. I’m a newly diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes and with the APP I’ve been able to track my readings and watch how my lifestyle choices impact the numbers. I feel connected to Dr. Ramanujan and feel personally accountable to make sure my blood sugar readings are in line with the guidelines he has given me. For the first time in my life, I feel in control of my health!

Salvatore R.: Thank you, Dr Ramanujan and Liz! Even though I don’t get to see you in the office as much, I am so happy to have my life back. I’ve had high blood pressure for over 20 years and it is scary. Now I take my blood pressure at home, and send you readings through the app, and together we’ve gotten it under control. I am less stressful and my wife says I’m a happier person and easier to live with.